Canola Oil: Trans-Fats and Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil for a Healthy Diet

What is Canola Oil?

Usually a new kind of oil owes its name to the plant it’s extracted from. So, have you ever heard of canola plant, tree or herb eventually? Right, there isn’t a plant with such a name. Canola oil in reality is a rape kind of oil, made from a special rape hybrid, selected by Canadian scientists and characterized by the low content of erucic acid. Consumption of the erucic acid in big quantities is fraught with damage to the heart. Canola, in its turn, isn’t a name of rape or any other plant but an abbreviation, meaning “Canadian oil low acid”.

Canola Oil Vs. Vegetable Oil

Canola oil is good for health and natural oil. Its consumption reduces the risks of cardio-vascular diseases. It is beneficial compared with other vegetable oils due to the following facts:
  • The oil has the lowest content of saturated fats among other vegetable oils.
  • It’s free from trans-fats and cholesterol.
  • The oil is recommended to the patients, suffering from sugar diabetes, because saturated fats in it are substituted in a great deal by polysaturated and monosaturated fats, beneficial for health.
  • The oil is a perfect antioxidant, extremely rich in vitamin E, delaying the aging processes in the organism. It contains 8,9 mg of vitamin E, 33 g of unsaturated acids, 2 mg of phosphorus per 100 g of the oil, performs anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing functions.

Canola Oil Vs. Olive Oil

Both oils are propagated as extremely healthy oils for dietary eating. Olive oil is a traditional, checked by time fruit kind of oil, extracted from olive tree fruit by pressing. Canola oil is a vegetable kind of oil, however, it shouldn’t be confused with rape oil, which is harmful for humans and animals and is even used as an insecticide. Canola is a cheaper kind of oil, compared with the olive one. Besides, olive oil has its special fragrance, which in most cases is beneficial. Yet, sometimes for frying and baking you need a kind of oil more neutral in taste and smell. In this case, canola would be a good and healthy alternative to the olive oil.
To sum up, it should be mentioned that a well-balanced diet should be versatile because it’s impossible to get all the valuable nutritional components, vitamins and minerals from one product. Canola oil is a good and healthy opportunity to diversify your diet.
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