Grapeseed Oil: Natural Blend Prolonging your Beauty and Life

Grapeseed Oil Benefit

All the advantages of the oil are caused by its diversity, effectiveness and naturalness. This is truly versatile oil, used not only in cosmetics but also for dietary and even technical purposes. The oil, containing up to 70% of polyunsaturated Omega 6 linoleic acid, is equally beneficial for extra dry skin care with wrinkles and oily, problematic and porous skin with acne. Another scourge of women, regardless of age – cellulite can also be treated with this unique oil as a base of an anti-cellulite massage composition (with a few drops of any citrus essential oil for 1 tablespoon of the base). The oil is marked by the following beneficial properties:
  • Antiseptic
  • Bactericidal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regenerating
  • Moisturizing
  • Tonic
  • Nourishing

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Jojoba Oil: Unique Natural Vegetable Wax for Gorgeous Skin and Shiny Hair

Jojoba oil is extremely beneficial liquid vegetable wax, extracted from the seeds of the plant, remarkable for longevity – Jojoba or Simmondsia chinensis. This vegetable wax is the only alternative to the animal wax, got from a cachalot’s head. The vegetable wax or oil, used for cosmetic purposes, possesses refined texture and high absorbing capability. It has the widest range of indications for use as both a skin and hair remedy.

Canola Oil: Trans-Fats and Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil for a Healthy Diet

What is Canola Oil?

Usually a new kind of oil owes its name to the plant it’s extracted from. So, have you ever heard of canola plant, tree or herb eventually? Right, there isn’t a plant with such a name. Canola oil in reality is a rape kind of oil, made from a special rape hybrid, selected by Canadian scientists and characterized by the low content of erucic acid. Consumption of the erucic acid in big quantities is fraught with damage to the heart. Canola, in its turn, isn’t a name of rape or any other plant but an abbreviation, meaning “Canadian oil low acid”.

Tea Tree Oil: One of the Most Potent Antiseptics Existing

Tea tree oil is one of the most well-known and popular essential oils, especially for those unlucky ones, suffering from oily skin and acne. Regardless of its name, the oil has nothing in common with tea. It’s derived from the leaves or bark of Melaleuca alternifolia – tea tree, native to Australia. The oil is a complex natural blend, containing at least 48 organic components. This botanical extract is extremely valuable, as it is originally the liquid, protecting the tree from negative influences of the environment, elaborated through millions years of evolution by the most skilful creator – the nature itself.

The oil has all the rights to be considered a panacea for various kinds of skin problems, infections, viruses and fungi. It’s really hard to come up with a condition it can’t treat effectively. Tea tree oil benefits are in its multi-functionality and high performance characteristics.

Castor Oil: Multi-Purpose Oil and Powerful Hair Growth Stimulator

What is Castor Oil?

Everybody has heard about this oil but not everyone knows how precious it is for our inner and outer health, well-being and beauty. Discover castor oil for yourself that was used for cosmetic purposes even in ancient Egypt. This is vegetable oil, obtained from castor oil plant (palmcrist), able to do a miracle with your hair, skin and even inner organs.

Argan Oil: Concentration of Nature’s Essence for Your Beauty

 Let a few drops of argan oil fall on your palm and inhale the bright energetic aroma of the oil with piquant spice and nut notes, estimate its deep golden coloring with a reddish hue. The oil is rare and expensive but it’s absolutely worth your hard-earned cash.

Argan Oil Benefits

This natural extract from the seeds of Moroccan argan tree is characterized by extremely high content of the most popular skin vitamin – E (74%) and oligo-linoleic acid (45%) that is able to stop the time and preserve your beauty and youth for many years.  Read the rest of this entry »

Flaxseed Oil Bears the Palm of Biological Value among Vegetable Oils

Flaxseed oil is an absolutely unique gift of nature. It is used in medicine as well as cosmetology and diets. It contains vitamins A, E, B, K, F, pollyunsaturated fatty acids which perform the function of energy suppliers to the inner organs and tissues, participate in the formation of cell membranes and reduce the risk of heart diseases. 1-2 tablespoons of the oil daily satisfies the daily norm in unsaturated fatty acids.

Tamanu Oil: Perfect Biologically Active Component with Broad Spectrum of Action

Whether you are searching for a unique component for a regenerating skin composition, an effective remedy against joints inflammation or a working solution for strengthening fragile nails, tamanu oil is a true windfall. The oil is extracted from the nuts of a strange tree growing on the rocky coastline of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. A tall tropical tamanu tree with black bark bears fruits but they are inedible. Yet they posses other values – the seeds, which enrich themselves with valuable oil, characterized by a unique capacity to heal and a rich deep scent of Indian curry with a slight nut note, after they undergo the process of drying during 6-8 weeks.

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